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Like the flip book but miss your paper catalog?

We understand that change isn’t easy … that’s why when we chose an option for our online flip book catalog we chose one that might be able to mimic some of the things we know you do with our catalog.  You can bookmark pages, you can make notes, you can copy pages, all things you are probably doing with your paper catalog.  Do you have your customer number written on your paper catalog?  Add it to your flipbook catalog with a note!  See the screenshot below for tips on how to add notes.


How to use Notes



Company News

Price increases …

As all professionals in the music industry know prices can and do fluctuate – A LOT!  Many of our vendors have set times of the year that they increase prices, others seem to change with the weather … the timing and rate of increase are completely out of our control.  As stated in our catalog and on nearly every page of our printed price book, “Prices subject to change”.  Please, if you are quoting a repair CALL for pricing first!  Our customer service reps are glad to quote you a price on any part at any time.  If you send in orders via fax or email and need pricing before the order is placed just let us know, we will make sure you have a firm quote in hand before the order goes to our warehouse.    Of course if you get a part and the pricing has changed too dramatically to go ahead with the repair our return policies are fair but we can save time and money for everyone by minimizing returns when possible.