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Dimensional Weight Shipping


How Dimensional Weight Will Impact Your Shipments from Allied in 2015 … and beyond

The devil is here and it’s called dimensional weight shipping.  We were reluctant to mention it until we saw how it was affecting our customers, having a couple of billing cycles in we can discuss, but you aren’t going to like it.  In a nutshell, because much of what we sell is lightweight potentially every parcel we send out, sans our smallest two boxes you will likely see an increase in the cost of shipping.  Our average cost of shipping parcels has gone up by about $2.00 since the first of the year.  ALL packages are subject to dimensional weight, if we pack you some finger buttons, gloves and a buffing wheel packed in an 8x8x8 box it might weigh a pound or maybe two but you will be charged for twice that weight using dimensional weight calculations (FYI – they always round up!).

We understand and commiserate on the need to hold the line on pricing and we are actively exploring options and trying to negotiate some relief, but for now, be prepared to pay more for shipping – especially for medium sized but lightweight parcels.  Actual shipping charges can and do vary widely (and wildly) from quotes because of variable final shipping dimensions. We always advise our customers to WAIT until they see our INVOICE before you finalize your price with your customer.