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beth anniversary
Beth celebrating 30 years of doing whatever job needs to get the done! March 11, 2015
brenda anniversary
Celebrating 25 years of awesome service with Brenda, September 10, 2015












Allied Supply is fortunate to have been around for a long time.  We could have never made it this long without the loyalty of our customers, however, we wouldn’t have wanted to without the loyalty of our staff. We celebrate a lot around here, we are a pretty happy bunch. We were lucky to celebrate 30 years of service for Beth earlier this year and are lucky to celebrate 25 years with Brenda today. These ladies were young moms at the time and “just needed a job”, they didn’t know what they were signing up for! We appreciate your hard work every day, we appreciate the friendship, we appreciate your service and commitment to our customers, we appreciate your loyalty, but most of all we just appreciate you and the joy you bring to our workplace every single day.  There are a lot of places that say their co-workers are family, but no place is it more true than here.  Allied wouldn’t be the same without you!  Happy anniversary!