Company News


We have completed our annual inventory in near record time even with two people here less than a year and new to the process, and while it wasn’t a record for accuracy we think what our people accomplished is pretty darn good considering the following numbers:

  • We have almost three million individual pieces of inventory on hand
  • We carry an inventory of roughly 13,000 unique parts
  • We shipped almost 20,000 orders last year
  • Those orders contained over 1.4 million parts leaving our building …
  • We had twelve sections of our warehouse that had ZERO or essentially zero variance

The bottom line?  Our crew lost track of less than two tenths of one percent (.14%) of our inventory, but, the funny part is no one is the building is happy about the variance because they don’t strive for “really good” they seem to strive for “perfect”.

We are so proud of the work our staff does every day, and so grateful they choose to leap into a new decade here with us at Allied Supply.  What does their startling efficiency mean for you? It means we are open and taking orders today and tomorrow – a day and a half ahead of schedule!

Happy New Year everyone!