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Shipping & RECEIVING

We want to ship lots of orders, but first we want to make sure you will get them! Every day we are getting packages back from shops that the carrier says were unavailable for delivery. This varies from city to city, and state to state, (and don’t get us started on international!). We will ship wherever you tell us to but it is your responsibility to make sure the carrier will still deliver to your location. Many drivers (and even our own postal carrier) are following the directives of their dispatch centers to not deliver, so it falls on YOU to make sure they will bring your package to your door. We suggest you CALL the carriers to verify this before you place your order. We understand this is challenging and have been dealing with it on our inbound as well.  When we ship your orders we are under the assumption that you have completed this step and we are not responsible for the packages once they leave our doors. If packages are returned we will charge for re-shipping. So please, call your carriers and make sure we can get your packages to you, before you place your order.  THANK YOU