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Shipping Costs

Some of our customers are seeing large shipping cost increases in the new year. We wanted to let you know, we have noticed and WE FEEL YOUR PAIN! This has nothing to do with Allied Supply procedures and everything to do with the small parcel carriers. UPS and other parcel carriers have instituted several charges that are negatively impacting our customers. In addition to the usual $5 residential and $7 fuel surcharges we are now seeing far more “delivery area surcharges” which usually add another $5 after the fact when we get our bill, add in “surge pricing” and the impact is skyrocketing costs! This combined in many cases with “dimensional weight” can dramatically increase the cost of shipping a very lightweight package – especially for cork boxes. Trust us when we tell you, we are trying but these practices are hurting all of us. Recently a 152 case went out to a tech in a 45″ box, because of the size of the box “dim weight” pushed the billed weight to 146 pounds. In transit, they audited the package and claimed the 45″ box bulged to 47″ (with a rigid case inside). Our integrated UPS programming charged just over $67 on our customer’s invoice, then UPS billed us for an additional $120 large package residential surcharge.

We are working with carriers, and within our own processes every day to try to reduce costs, but when one carrier prices up they all seem to follow. (We’re sure that is just a coincidence. 😉 ) We are exploring every option available including shipping more packages via USPS. As always, unless you indicate a preference we will always use our best judgment for affordable shipping for each of your parcels – that used to be UPS – but now may be any carrier. We all experienced shipping slow downs and delays around the holidays and expect that slow will be another “new normal”. Affordable shipping might add a couple of days to shipping time, please be patient. As always, if time is critical please indicate that at the time of your order.

Please help us keep costs low, if you are a considered a residential delivery we always need to know that, if your zip code or address changes in any way let us know (we will be charged $16 for a change like that after it ships).