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Lubricants back in stock!

We are happy to introduce J. Meinlschmidt lubricants to our customers. We now carry their complete line; for your convenience (and ours), you only need to add -JM to our part numbers you already know when ordering.

Check them out here!

We know that having high-quality lubricants is essential in your repair shop. We have always been proud to offer the finest line of synthetic lubricants in our industry, but after many years of diminishing availability and the last two years of almost no availability, we have made the difficult choice to source and carry an additional line of synthetic lubricants. We fully expect these products are comparable quality and will serve you well. Boss directed us to hold the price down – he’s absorbing the shipping and tariffs – for a limited time to give you a chance to try them out but we won’t do that forever. 

We have no intention of ending our relationship with our previous supplier, their shelf space will be waiting for them, and we will continue to sell both lines for as long as we can  get it in our doors. One last thing, no hoarding, we will have quantity limits in place until we can get everyone stocked back up and we can get back to normal demand.