About Allied Supply

Allied offers a complete line of quality precision brass and woodwind tools and repair shop supplies that are designed to help repair technicians achieve quality workmanship and accomplish difficult tasks in a reasonable time. Since 1959, when Allied began to service dealers all over the world with quality repair and restoration service, we have constantly been aware of better ways of doing a task. In a sense, this is a selfish motive because every company is looking for ways to make profits while getting the job done quickly and efficiently. This obviously led us to experiment with various tooling.

New tool and supply ideas are sometimes a result of using items from other fields, but most often, technicians in the field develop tooling for the sake of expediency and approach us with their ideas. It is our policy to consider these ideas.

We wish to acknowledge the suggestions and helpful ideas shared with Allied by many repair technicians. Their assistance and encouragement have been invaluable. Some of the tools shown in our catalog would not be available without their cooperation. Allied appreciates repair technicians for their willingness to share techniques and ideas with each other which benefits everyone.

The fact that Allied Music Corporation was involved in the business of repairing and restoring band instruments places us in an enviable position not enjoyed by many other suppliers. We used these new tools and supplies over and over again, Allied management and our employees did long-term field tests that are difficult to duplicate.

Allied’s Pledge: Allied will not list for sale any tool or supply item that we do not believe in wholeheartedly. We have no ambition to become “merchandisers” just for the sake of an increase in sales. We are band instrument repair technicians interested in producing quality repair tools that will do the job most efficiently at the least cost, which benefits all our customers.

Every time we prepare to make a production run of a particular tool, we stop and analyze how the tool is used. Should it be redesigned? How about the material? What can we do to improve it? Is the tool really necessary?

It is very difficult to adequately describe some tools and their operation. We ask that you do not hesitate to order any tool or supply item even if you are not sure it will work well for you. If it does not, simply return it in saleable condition within 30 days and receive full credit.

You can help

If at any time you purchase an Allied tool that is not 100% satisfactory, tell us. Or, if you have a suggestion for improvement, tell us. (If we agree, you will receive the new design free of charge.) Or, if you have an idea for a new tool, tell us.