Band Instrument Cases

Allied Band Instrument Cases are guaranteed to fit. We will issue a full refund and pay return shipping charges for any case that does not fit the instrument as listed.

Allied’s cases are America’s best case value, constructed with quality materials by craftsmen with many years experience. These attractive cases will take much abuse and protect your fine instruments. The quality of material and construction makes Allied’s wood cases stand above any cases our competitors offer.

Allied’s huge inventory and prompt shipment allows our dealers to reduce their in-store stock and still give their customers excellent service. Allied ships case orders, large or small within 48 hours. Why wait 1-2-3-4 weeks or longer for other suppliers to get around to your order? Let our large stock and fast shipment be your inventory.

Model 11 Cornet CaseThe Standard Case

The “Standard” cases use brass plated hardware and are covered with a high quality, durable, highly textured vinyl. This covering is scuff resistant and fabric backed to help prevent cuts and tears. The covering on formed cases remains unchanged.

The Professional Case

The “Professional” cases have solid brass hardware including combination locks. The rich leather-textured vinyl is beautiful and tough, resisting cuts and scuffing.

Best of all, Allied will prepay shipment for all orders of 24 or more cases (continental lower 48 US only). UPS, FedEx (ground only) or truck will be used. It is Allied’s decision on the shipping company used, as we are paying the freight. If you, our customer, specifies a shipping company when ordering 24 or more cases, you will be billed the difference if it is more than the shipping company we would have chosen.