Band Instrument Parts

The parts listed in our catalog were made possible by the excellent cooperation of the manufacturers whose parts are shown. The selection of parts was determined by us (repair technicians) anxious to help and serve you (repair technicians).

How to Order

Simply state the part number and quantity desired. Nothing more is required. Silver or nickel plated parts can be supplied at a 30% extra charge if not already supplied in the desired finish. Special finishing can delay shipment.

Obsolete Parts

Band instrument manufacturers from time to time declare parts for previous production models obsolete. This is understandable, however, in many instances these parts are still in great demand. Allied has listed in this catalog over 500 such parts that Allied has retooled and stocks for our customers.

As our parts volume continues to increase, we can more readily justify the tooling expense for more and more “obsolete” parts. Once Allied tools-up for a given part, that part will be available to our customer indefinitely. Please consider this extra dimension in service the next time you place a part order. We need volume to tool-up for even more parts. Allied requests your continued support so we will be in a position to serve you even better.

Unlisted Parts

If you need a part that is not listed in this catalog, we suggest: First, order direct from the manufacturer if the part is for a late model instrument. (See complete list including addresses of band instrument manufacturers on the last pages of this catalog.) SECOND, we suggest you order a part that is listed for another model that obviously will fit. If you do not know what can be substituted, send the old part to us. Usually we can supply a substitute for you or in the case of a brasswind mouthpipe, we can duplicate your old one. Warning: The cost of special made parts can be prohibitive (we do not make saxophone necks).