So you want to do business with Allied Supply …

We are a wholesaler, and we take that seriously.  We don’t sell to professional musicians, band directors, or music teachers; our customers are professional band instrument repair technicians … meaning our customers are selling our product to their customers or end users and collecting the appropriate sales or use tax. You may choose to submit a New Customer Request here and we will send you all the information and forms as outlined below.

We have a letter of introduction that you might be interested in reading to see if you will qualify as a customer, here.

We would also need a Wisconsin Sales & Use Tax Exemption form, to keep us on the right side of our state’s tax laws … (read the letter above for instructions) … here.

And we have a customer application, here.

All of the above components must be submitted to BEFORE we open your account or send our catalog/password to you … in addition to the “proof” of professional status as outlined in the letter noted above.

And yes, we know, we do business strangely in the 21st century Amazon driven retail world, protecting our customers and their industry like we do, but Allied has been around for 50 years and once you do business with us you will understand why.  We hope to hear from you soon!