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Catalog available in new online flipbook

Our catalog is now available in a new flipbook format. This interface will allow you to search the entire catalog by page number or by key word, or browse the catalog via thumbnails. You can also translate, cut, print and download pages or whole sections, add bookmarks and make notes! Your password is the SAME to access the flipbook as it was to access the PDF files!


Catalog Now Available Online

Happy New Year! We will continue to tweak and improve the interface but as of today, the latest version of our catalog is available for download in PDF format. You must have an email address in our customer database to receive the password in order to gain access to the catalog. If you need to update your customer file please contact us! Also, please be on the lookout for updating price lists as expected we have seen many price increases that will take effect on the first of the new year.


Catalog Update

Allied Supply Co. publishes an updated catalog every about every 5 years. It is once again time to get all the information we can from you, our customers, as to what you want to see added to our 268 page catalog. Now there are many that wonder why we still take the time and incur the cost of publishing such a large catalog. Well many repair technicians do not have a computer readily accessible at their bench nor do they have the time to boot it up and then search for the part they need. Because of this, we publish a catalog and will for the foreseeable future.

We ask that at anytime you come across a part, supply, case, new tool that you think might be of value to another technician, that you let us know and we will look into the possibility of adding it to our extensive inventory. If it’s a new tool and we deem that it can be made by us and that it has use to other technicians we may even name the tool after you or will credit you for the idea. (You will be “famous” but not rich, unfortunately)

For those parts that we add between publications of our large catalog, we publish an annual Parts and Price Supplement that comes out each spring. In it we have the most recent pricing available for all our parts, tools, cases and supplies as well as additional pages of new items that we have found to help you be a better repair technician and service instruments that are new to the market.

We hope that you have ideas of new things that can help others and that you will share them with us, as we truly want to be the one company that no music store or repair shop can do without.

Company News

Allied Supply Launches Website

After years of relying on the US Postal Service to deliver the Allied catalog to our customers, we are pleased to finally be online. While we’ll continue to ship catalogs via the mail, our goal is to eventually offer our entire catalog in a downloadable format. Look for that option in early 2012. In the meantime, these pages will provide you with information on who we are and what we do to ensure repair technicians and music stores have the tools and parts they need to meet customer demand.

To get the best possible experience using our web site, we recommend users with older browsers (IE6 and IE7, for example) upgrade to newer versions. Click any of the images below to get the latest software.