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Slime Away

After months of no availability we just confirmed that our supplier has worked through their supply chain issues and will be shipping Slime Away to us in a “couple of weeks” … however, we were warned to expect a very large price increase due to a huge spike in pricing on a single component. Our supplier spent months, and tried everything to mitigate the price increase but couldn’t without impacting the quality of the product. We have also seen availability issues, and large price increases on the containers we package the product in for resale.

As cleaning and refurb season begins prepare for your price to nearly double on Slime Away in all sizes and please price your cleanings accordingly to pass this along to your customers. We have updated the price list on all sizes; A876, A877 and A886. Availability is as yet to be determined depending upon how we break down the product into the various sizes. If you have these products on backorder we will be calling to see if you want to keep it backordered at the new price or if you would like to cancel. We hope cost goes down in the future, and we will adjust pricing downward at that time.